Using the air conditioning in winter to save light: good or bad idea?

Being able to save on the gas and electricity bill is something that is always appreciated. And more when prices are through the roof. However, we may not always resort to gas to heat the home, but we may choose to use air conditioning. Just as it helps us to lower the temperature in summer, it can also be useful when it’s cold. Though how good of an idea is that? use air conditioning in winter?

If our goal is save on electricity bill every month, the truth is that you better take a look at this article to clear up any doubts.

put the air conditioning in winter

When winter comes the gas and electricity bill go up More than anything, because to heat a house we need the help of heating, radiators, braziers, etc. So we spend more energy than other months, just like in summer.

For this reason, the power save in winter it gets a bit more complicated. However, if in your case you had thought about using air conditioning to save gas during these cold winter days, you may be interested in knowing how you should use it correctly so as not to waste.

Also, if your goal is to heat only one room, putting on the air conditioning becomes the best option for a number of reasons:

  • You don’t have to put the gas heating for the whole house.
  • Air conditioning manages to heat a room faster.
  • When reaching the set temperature, consumption will be lower.

Therefore, if we want to heat the whole house, the truth is that it is not profitable. Because you will have to turn on several air conditioners for it. And, ultimately, consumption will skyrocket. However, if our intention is heating a single roomit can become a better option than a heater or brazier.

It all depends on the model and of the power. For example, we can find some more efficient air conditioning models that can have a power of 900 or 1,000 W, while there are heaters that exceed 2,000 W, as well as braziers with powers of 1,500 W or more.

Use the air conditioning well

In order not to fall into the trap of consuming more light than necessary, there are a series of basic recommendations that will help us to spend less light If we are going to use the air conditioning in winter: temperature, ignition, air orientation and room insulation. These four points are the ones that we must have under control at all times:

Just like there is an optimal temperature to heat the house with heating (19-20 degrees) and consume less gas or light. The truth is that the ideal temperature to consume less in winter is 20 degrees.

The ideal at all times is not to continually turn the air conditioning on and off. With this, what we achieve is that it consumes more light. His thing is set an ideal temperature so that it consumes less energy once it reaches it.

This is another fundamental point. If we do not want the hot air to go away, keep in mind that the insulation of the room is important. And it is that, if it is well insulated, the air conditioning will reach the temperature that we had set earlier and energy consumption will be less.

  • Air conditioning orientation

Another detail is that the ideal is to set air flaps down. In this way, we will notice the hot air and we will not have the need or temptation to raise the temperature.


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