Smart air conditioner design at display in electronica 2022

After reinvigorating air conditioner compressors with digital inverters—lowering power usage and bolstering cooling—semiconductors are ready to enable intelligent air conditioning systems that can see, hear, and feel their surroundings. These smart air conditioners will further reduce power consumption and improve targeted cooling.

Aided by sensors and controllers, which identify the location and number of people in a room anonymously, intelligent air conditioners will analyze the environment and adjust performance accordingly. Sensors, for instance, will recognize where somebody is standing and the number of people in the room and then turn the air conditioning system on and off and modify the fan speed and swing scope depending on where the people are in the room.

In Europe, 50% of the energy consumed in buildings and industry is used for heating and cooling. Elsewhere in the world, the demand for air conditioning systems is rising amid temperatures reaching record levels. These smart air conditions, employing sensors and Wi-Fi connectivity, could significantly reduce the amount of energy consumed while providing new features.

For instance, these air conditioners will measure temperature, CO2 concentration, and air quality to decide when to infuse fresh and cool air. This information, aided by processes that employ this data, will automatically shoppingmode control the unit and ultimately reduce the amount of energy consumed. These systems can also carry out predictive maintenance and ensure that operators receive up-to-date information on the condition of the air conditioner.

Infineon will showcase a smart air conditioning system at Hall C3, Booth 502 during the electronica trade fair being held from 15 to 18 November in Munich.


Source: Infineon Technologies

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