Pros and cons of portable air conditioners

While we all dream of having an air conditioner we could take anywhere with us, only a few people end up buying a portable AC. Just like everything else in life, having a portable air conditioner has some benefits as well as some drawbacks. In the article below, we will explain the different pro and cons of having a portable air conditioner so you can decide if it’s the right option for you!


Portable Air Conditioners Do Not Require Installation

This means you do not need to call an air conditioning service to get your air conditioner working. All you need to do is unpack, connect the electrical switch and turn it on! This saves up the whole hassle of having a technician drill the walls of your home and install the AC. However, you will still need to regularly call an air conditioning service for your regular service and repairs.

They Can be Moved From One Room to Another

The best part about portable ACs is the ease with which you can move them. So you can use your one portable air conditioner in all the different rooms of your house without any hassle. Y. You can put it in your bedroom at night and easily shift it to the lounge when your friends are over the next day. You can place it wherever necessary.

Portable Air Conditioners Are Getting Less Expensive Everyday

As technology is advancing, portable ACs are becoming more and more affordable. Different models are being launched regularly to encourage people to buy them. The initial models were quite large but the latest ones are much smaller and hence easier to afford. This makes your dream of purchasing a portable ac easily affordable!

Portable Air Conditioners Can Be Hidden

Another advantage of having portable air conditioners is that they can be hidden or put away when you don’t need them. If you feel like the air conditioner is ruining the look of your interior, you can simply place it somewhere it’s is not as visible. You can also store it someplace else during winters if you don’t want it to occupy space in your room.


Unwanted Noise

Now it’s time to discuss the drawbacks of having a portable AC. The first and most important drawback is that they produce significant noise. So if you are someone that is easily irritated by the noise, they might not be the right option for you.

However if you feel like your portable air conditioner has recently started to make more noise than before then do contact an Air conditioning service immediately. This may be a sign of some serious internal problem which can only be solved by a trained professional.

They are Less Economical

Portable air conditioners tend to use more electricity for cooling. As they do not have an outdoor unit, so they release some warm air with the cool air they produce. This warm air is not so noticeable but it does slow down the cooling process. This is why they are usually switched on for longer time periods and can lead to higher electricity bills.

You Have to Empty the Drain Tanks Regularly

Some portable air conditioners have tanks to store the water produced in the cooling process. You will have to empty these tanks regularly in order to avoid them from overflowing and leaking in your room. This can prove to be an unnecessary house chore for someone with a busy schedule.

If the water tank in your portable AC is empty and it is still leaking water then there has to be something wrong with it. This is a sign that your portable air conditioner needs repair from an Air conditioning service

Not Effective to Cool Very Large Rooms

This is by far the worst drawback about portable air conditioners. If you have a very large room at home then your portable AC will not be able to cool it adequately. The whole point of having an air conditioner is to provide effective cooling and comfort in your home.

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