Is Using an Air Conditioner or an Air Cooler Safe with a Newborn?

New parents ask one of the most common questions: “Can you have the AC on with a newborn?”

Unfortunately, this is something that can’t be answered with a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ because it depends on many conditions and criteria.

So let us see the best cooling device for newborns and how to adjust the right ac temperature for newborn babies.

Is it ok to use AC for newborns?

Babies can’t regulate their skin temperature as well as grown-ups. Unfortunately, they also can’t tell you how they feel, so it’s up to the parents to take certain precautions.

Most doctors agree that turning on an air conditioner or an air cooler is better than letting your baby overheat. Proper cooling and ventilation are beneficial for your child’s sleep. However, you should never run any cooling device next to your child without taking precautions!

1. Stick to the ideal room temperature

Newborns are very sensitive to even the slightest temperature changes. Avoid sudden drops and rises in temperature. Before you leave an air-conditioned room with your baby, turn off the AC and let the baby adjust to the new temperature.

The recommended temperature for your baby is between 68° and 72°F (20° to 22.2°C). Monitor the temperature either on the display of your cooling device or by using a thermometer. High temperatures make babies sensible to heat rash, dehydration, or even a heat stroke.

2. Leave the doors open if you are using an air cooler

To avoid building humidity in the nursery, leave space for fresh air circulation.

3. Keep your baby moisturized

Using an air conditioner may dry up your baby’s skin. Use a newborn-friendly lotion to moisturize the skin and consult a doctor on what you could use to moisturize the nostrils and the eyes. AC can deplete moisture from your baby’s skin, especially if it also works as a dehumidifier.

This is when an evaporative air cooler comes in handy — evaporative coolers also humidify the air, and it makes them very baby-friendly!

4. Position the air vents away from the crib

Never place your baby in the proximity of the air vent.

5. Aerate the car before turning on the AC

Can you have the ac on with a newborn in your car? Absolutely yes, but first — open the windows for a few minutes. The trapped hot air will leave the vehicle, and the temperature change won’t be so drastic for your little one.

6. Clean and maintain your air conditioner and / or your air cooler

With a baby, you should be extra cautious with everything, including all the devices. For example, Airfilters and ductworks of the AC can get clogged with bacteria and germs, which can cause respiratory issues.

This is also where an air cooler like evaCHILL by Evapoalr is an absolute winner — the inorganic material inside prevents mold and bacteria growth, and the evaBREEZE™ technology allows to purify the outgoing air.

Proper maintenance is key to healthy cooling. Always refer to the manual and the manufacturer to ensure you are never late to clean the device, change any removable parts, and that everything is working smoothly. Then, follow a schedule and get your cooling units cleaned.

You can easily clean an air cooler yourself. With an AC, however, you may require a technician.

7. Dress your baby in light clothes in summer

Breathing, light fabrics will make your little one more comfortable during the hot months.

Is AC bad for the baby?

As they say, “everything is poison; it’s the dose that differentiates the poison from remedy’. No, air conditioning is not bad for babies, but it should be used with suitable precautions. However, an AC is a riskier device than an air cooler because:

  • An air cooler doesn’t provoke a drastic temperature drop
  • An air cooler humidifies the air and doesn’t deplete the moisture from the baby’s skin
  • AC needs special maintenance, and you may not be aware of the harmful particles in the grills. However, with an air cooler, you can clean and disinfect it yourself.
  • You and your baby have different temperature requirements — a newborn needs the temperature to be higher. An AC cools down the whole space and maintains the low temperature in the entire room. An evaporative air cooler takes care of the immediate surrounding, and this is how you can keep the proximity of the crib slightly cooler than the rest of the room.
  • Some specialists think a newborn can get used to an AC and refuse to sleep without it. Your baby may get accustomed to staying in air-conditioned rooms and may not be comfortable without an AC
  • Run the AC only when you need it. Otherwise, pairing up an AC with an air cooler for different temperature needs is also a great choice.

CAUTION: Use ONLY clean water in your air cooler. Do not add any scents or essential oils, and use filtered water. While air coolers purify the air, the bacteria can get into the air around your baby if the water is dirty.

As you can see, no device is harmful, and no device is completely safe. However, some options are just as good as they get and can provide your newborn with proper cooling.

The best way to keep your baby cool safely is to place an Evapolar air cooler not far from the crib. Don’t direct the airflow directly at the baby — while it’s ok (and recommended!) for adults, the baby’s too sensitive. However, the air cooler is enough to slightly lower the temperature in the immediate proximity of the crib!

Evapolar devices use the most natural way of cooling — evaporation, and they don’t use freon-like liquids, contrary to the air conditioners.

Here are some more benefits that the air coolers by Evapolar come with:

1.   Extremely energy efficient. Evapolar devices consume from 7 to 12W.

2.   Ultraportable and light. You can move it from room to room or store it when you don’t need it.

3.   USB-Powered. You can take it on trips with your baby, especially if you are going to a hotter place with little humidity.

4.   Quiet — your baby’s sleep is safe with Evapolar.

5.   Healthy for you and the planet! No freon-like liquids, no chemicals. It uses the most natural method of cooling — evaporation. As close as it gets to nature!

6.   Excellent price/quality ratio. You get an air cooler, a humidifier, and a purifier for the nursery.

Whichever device you choose, keep a close eye on your baby’s mood, body temperature, and behavior. Then, take the necessary precautions, consult a specialist, and adjust the precautions accordingly.

People also ask (FAQ):

Most adults and babies feel cool and comfortable at the recommended temperature of 68° and 72°F (20° to 22.2°C).

2. What is the normal body temperature for a newborn baby?

A baby’s normal temperature can range from about 97 to 100.3 degrees Fahrenheit (37° C).

3. Is an air conditioner dangerous for a newborn baby?

No, given that you run the air conditioner with precautions.

4. How do I manage my baby’s temperature needs?

Keep the temperature stable, at the recommended range between 68° and 72°F (20° to 22.2°C). Avoid drastic temperature changes both ways, babies are sensitive to temperature drops and highs.

Also, ensure your baby is hydrated, especially when it’s hot outside.

5. Is an ac good for a newborn baby?

Yes, when used correctly. You should prevent your baby’s room from overheating under any circumstances, and you can do so with an AC by taking the necessary precautions. Getting your baby’s room air-conditioned is a personal choice, and it’s not frowned upon but keep in mind the precautions and follow them strictly.

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