Energy Saver Air Conditioner: How It Works

Energy Saver Air Conditioner: How It Works
When you think about comfortable living, air-conditioning easily comes to mind. Only a few things are better than walking into a room that has been cooled with an AC after spending hours outdoors. While having an AC as an essential home appliance is necessary, many people run away from owning one because of the amount of power it consumes. Of course, no one wants to pay exorbitant energy charges just because they want to cool off.

What many don’t know is this: there are air-conditioners that work superbly well without causing a dip in your wallet due to light bills. I am referring to ACs that even with a small-capacity generator, you can still use them? LG has these types of air-conditioners and that’s what we are about to look at as well as what to look out for when buying a new one for your space. But before then, an important question…

What is an Energy-Saving Air Conditioner?
An energy-saving air conditioner comes with a feature that allows users to cut down on power consumption to reduce energy costs. Learn more about the operational principle of LG Air Conditioner

It regulates the cooling mode (via the air compressor) and fan speed when it’s on by sensing the room’s temperature. Then, it adjusts the AC unit to consume the lowest possible energy.

Many people assume that reducing energy costs means dealing with a warmer living space. Fortunately, energy saver mode makes sure that you don’t sacrifice coolness for reduced energy consumption.

Types Of Air Conditioner Unit
Air conditioners come in different styles and sizes, hence, different types of air conditioners are better suited for different living spaces. As far as residential air-conditioners go, they can be wall mounted (or split) or floor standing. Here’s a quick look at the meaning of each:

Wall mounted or Split AC

Wall mounted or Split AC

Split air conditioning units are residential ACs that are mounted on the wall of and they usually come in two pieces – an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. The outdoor unit serves as the regulator or what you might call the powerhouse while the indoor unit supplies your space with air produced by the outdoor unit. LG has them in different versions here.

Floor standing AC

Floor standing AC

The floor standing on the other hand also comes in two parts; the indoor and outdoor unit. A major difference – from which it derived its name – is the fact that unlike split ACs, floor standing ACs cannot be suspended on the wall. Their size wouldn’t allow that. Instead, they are placed at a corner, erect while fulfilling their calling of supplying you with cool and refreshing air. Here is one of them.

Things to Look Out For When Choosing an Energy Saver Conditioner
Most modern air conditioners come with energy saving modes, hence, are very efficient when it comes to energy conservation. Nevertheless, there are a few key things to look for when buying a new energy-efficient air conditioner that will not only reduce your power consumption but also keep the temperature in your house low. Here are some of them:

1. Size
Size matters when choosing an air conditioner for your space. If the air conditioning unit is too large for your space, it will coolthe air quite alright but also dampen your space. And inversely, if it is too small for your space, it will have to overwork itself in order to cool your room. The downside to this is this: the more effort your AC has to employ in order to produce cool air, the more the power it consumes, and the more the power it consumes, the higher your light bill. Ooops.

2. Energy-saving Setting
This is another feature to look out for in the best air-conditioners. An energy-saving feature ensures that the unit will turn off the compressor as well as the fan once your space has cooled off. Remember, the plan is to conserve energy and reduce your power bills as much as possible.

3. Programmable Temperature Settings
These days, modern air conditioners come with digital displays that allow you to set precise temperatures. You can even schedule your AC to turn off when you’ll be out and back on when you’re coming home.

4. Energy Star and EER Ratings
Like every other product, air conditioners go through a high level of quality testing to ensure optimal performance. The Energy Star certification means that the particular unit has met or exceeded higher efficiency standards than other similar models. You can look out for this certification when deciding on the best air conditioner for your home. On the other hand, EER stands for energy efficiency rating and a higher rating means greater efficiency.

Final thoughts
Gone are the days of running huge electricity bills all because you are using an air conditioner. You can enjoy refreshingly cool air without losing your sleep or money. And you can do this while getting the best from your LG air conditioner. For additional tips on LG air-conditioners, feel free to check out this post.

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