Dictionary for air conditioner users

Confused with all those strange terms about air conditioners? Don’t worry! At Climamarket, we are here to explain you in a simple and clear way all those strange words, so you can make the perfect choice when buying your new appliance and, most importantly, make sure it fits your needs. 👍

We tell you about it:

  • Heat pump

The part of air conditioning that takes heat from a cold space and transfers it to a warmer space to cool the air.

  • Air conditioning

 It means creating the right temperature, humidity and air cleanliness to keep you comfortable and enjoy quality indoor air in your home.

  • Compressor

The part that sucks in air, compresses it, stores it and then releases it under pressure.

  • Energy efficiency

It is the amount of energy generated per kW of energy consumption, i.e. what our appliance consumes and the energy it produces.

  • Energy label

Here we refer to the label that all appliances carry, which indicates the consumption and energy efficiency of our equipment.

  • Filters

These are the parts that trap dirt. They filter the air entering the appliance and cool it, trapping dust particles. They are removable for cleaning.

  • Frigories

It is the “unit of measurement” by which we will deduce the capacity that our appliance has to cool the environment.

To cool one square meter, 100 frigories are needed, which means that for 10 square meters, approximately 1,000 frigories will be required.

  • Refrigerant Gas

Gases circulate through our device to reduce or maintain the temperature of an environment until it is below the ambient temperature.

  • Inverter

It is the system that regulates the speed of the compressor integrated in the equipment so that it works at the necessary speed to cool the environment.

  • Split / Multi Split

A split is the type of air conditioner that consists of two units (or devices): indoor and outdoor. The outdoor unit is installed on the facades of the houses and the indoor unit is placed inside the house.

  • Wall Split: This is a 1×1 unit, one indoor unit for one outdoor unit, they are the most common and are used to air-condition a room.

  • Multi Split: The same as the previous equipment but this can have up to 4 indoor units for one outdoor unit, each indoor unit can air condition a room.

There are many other terms and many more types of products, but we believe that with this small summary you will be able to make the right purchase.

Text taken from: https://www.climamarket.eu

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