3 ways to improve home safety with air conditioning

With the first month of 2023 coming to an end, weather around Puget Sound has been much milder than what we saw last year. If there’s anything 2022 taught us about weather events in the Pacific Northwest, it’s that we should expect a lot more extremes than perhaps we’re used to seeing.

Records were set in July for the number of days over 90 degrees. We saw records break again in October when temperatures hit 88 degrees, but we sheltered inside while air quality plummeted from thick wildfire smoke.

Cold temperatures in November and December left many homes scrambling without heat, and freezing rain added further complication leading up to the holidays.

We may not be through the last of our cold weather this winter, but now is the best time to prepare for future extreme weather. When it comes to climate control, there are three major safety benefits for those with home air conditioning.

Safety from heat

Extreme temperatures, hot or cold, are unsafe for young children, elderly adults, and pets. Many local residents sought shelter during heat waves last summer and scrambled to create makeshift cooling stations for children and pets. There were many reports, pictures, and videos shared of property damage as appliances and windows failed to withstand temperatures over 105. Homes running air conditioning simply do not need to worry about the health of their pets or family members. Wooden furniture and wine collections are not subject to extreme fluctuations inside homes cooled and controlled by AC.

Safety from smoke

Air conditioning works best when windows and doors are securely closed. Air is actively pulled through filters constantly, reducing the amount of dust, debris, and particulate matter in your indoor air. The air quality benefits are most evident in late summer when fires in Eastern Washington bring smoke and ash to our region. Those who are sensitive to allergies or have asthma, respiratory issues, or COPD benefit most from this extra filtration. There is also a noticeable decrease in dust around the home!

Safety from crime

The final safety benefit comes from the security of closed windows and doors. Those relying on fans to circulate their indoor air will often leave windows and doors open and unattended to welcome in cool breezes overnight. These open windows attract neighborhood prowlers. A home with securely closed windows and doors deters opportunistic criminals and provides you extra peace of mind while you sleep.

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